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What is Sri Vyuha? 

by Prahlada 

When I first discovered Sri Vyuha Association I thought to myself "An organization solely dedicated to developing Brahman Consciousness?  What could be more auspicious!"  "What an irony," I thought, "A Divine website."

So what is Sri Vyuha?

     Sri Vyuha is a term from Sanskrit that means "supreme knowledge of organization and structure." But of what relevance to our day-to-day lives is such an abstract term? It's useful to consider that, for most Sanskrit terms, there are often more than a simple few English words needed to impart a complete understanding. Thus, another description of Sri Vyuha is "supreme military formation." But this too, may only be mysterious at best, so let's focus on something tangible.

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A commonality of any description you will find of Sri Vyuha is the word "supreme." Sri in fact, means supreme. Sri Vyuha is a group of individuals that all have a common vested interest in this word. So what's so special about that word? Well, nothing necessarily - just like there's nothing particularly special about the word comprised of the three letters "g, o, d." Rather, it's what is meant by that word, it's the reality that that particular word points to that is of interest to us. And like so many others in the midst of this world-wide spiritual awakening occurring on Earth, gaining this understanding of what is truly meant by the word God, or Bhagavan, with all its purity and completeness, is what is important. And not only just important, but all-important, for God is the Supreme. And this is one of the goals of Sri Vyuha - to help individuals fulfill the supreme purpose of human life, spiritual enlightenment and ultimately sublime God-Realization.  

There is a lot of talk about enlightenment, but what about God-Realization?  God-Realization is enlightenment indeed, in an exalted form.  Maharishi calls Exalted Cosmic Consciousness God Consciousness, the sixth state of consciousness.  There is also the seventh, Unity or Brahman Consciousness, and even the eighth, Krishna Consciousness (Supreme Brahman Consciousness), as the ultimate Transcendental state of Being.  

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In these states of God-Realization, one not only has a complete intellectual understanding of God but has an everlasting direct experience of God.  One who has attained Brahman Consciousness is literally the Divine incarnate, always acting in perfect accord with Natural Law.  Having attained such a higher state of consciousness, "walking with God" becomes ones every day living reality.  The trivialities of "normal" mundane life become distant memories, and what comes to the forefront is the sublimity of Eternal Bliss Consciousness.

The question is, do you believe that this could be you? 

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Could you fathom the possibility of being an enlightened human being? If the answer is not yes, please now open up to the Answer that yes, it is not only possible but it is your destiny! I was born and raised in a culture that believes itself separate from the Divine, and even worse inferior to the Divine.  To belief that oneself could become just like Jesus is blasphemy in such a culture.  But I think the tides are turning for us.  It is very clear Humanity is in the midst of the most revolutionary and evolutionary time ever known.  In fact, we are currently approaching a pralaya, or period of contraction, dissolution, destruction, and most importantly transition.  It will not be simply apocalypse, not simply a horror armaggedon story or "the end of the world," but instead it will be a transition into a new Golden Age of Peace and Goodwill on Earth.  

What exactly will this new world be like?  It is going to be sublime beyond all description - think of the most benevolent, most beautific, most fortunate circumstance ever possible, and I tell you it will be even greater than that.  We as members of the world family of Earth are indeed approaching, within this very lifetime, a bona fide Satyuga, or Golden Age, the Age of Enlightenment, where everyone will be living the highest state of consciousness.  All of the religious scriptures are predicting this.  These, particularly the ancient Vedic literature, do not lie.  In one way or another, the prophecies are becoming fulfilled day by day.  Just look around!  Take a glance at the big picture and see for yourself that you are in a very special position right now - yes you - that you have an opportunity to be a citizen of the Krishna Golden Age on Earth.  The windows to attaining Brahman Consciousness have been flung wide open.  Very soon the saints will be marching in in vast numbers.  The fulfillment of Jesus's saying "others shall do greater than I have done" will soon be seen, as the development of full human potential is now finally within our reach.  Join me and become reunited with your Divine Nature!  You, whether recluse or householder/landowner, join me and fulfill the highest possible outcome of your incarnation - become a saint, a siddha, a guru, a fully enlightened master!  If this isn't tantalizing, what is?

To inform people of the current kaliyuga, impending pralaya, and imminent Satyuga on Earth, and to provide the necessary technologies, both material and spiritual, for development of the highest state of consciousness is the purpose of Sri Vyuha.

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S’rî Vyûha is a view of existence from the most comprehensive vantage point. It is a Vedic encyclopedia for our spiritual evolution, secured safely in the mind of Guru Dev, and extensively published directly at these websites: Sri Vyuha Association - Maha Videha University - Goloka. It offers knowledge and techniques to trigger in your physiology and consciousness the necessary experiences to rise to higher states of consciousness (moksha, nirvana, liberation, salvation). It is complete in its capability to take the human being from its lowliest state of ignorance all the way to the full bliss of Brahman Consciousness. Those blessed souls that will have the karma auspicious enough to take full advantage of the technologies and programs provided by Sri Vyuha will, provided they are fully sincere and persevering, advance all the way to Krishna Consciousness (literally Christ Consciousness).  Never again will such a person experience life from the perspective of a so-called "normal" human being, full of stresses and strains, conflicts and quarrels. To transcend all suffering of life in ignorance and realize our inherent eternal bliss consciousness and all of the knowledge, energy, and fufillment that comes with it, is the purpose of Sri Vyuha.  The goal is nothing less than complete unity with God.

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At Sri Vyuha, we take to heart the particular words of Jesus that "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you," and that "Others too, shall do even greater than I have done." With the blessings of Sri Vidya from the Guru Parampara or Holy Tradition of Vedic Masters brought to the world through His Divinity Brahmananda Saraswati and His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, we understand now that full enlightenment is not only humanly possible but is the very source, course, and goal of all human beings - it is our birthright, our duty, and our destiny to seek the Kingdom of Heaven which is the Ultimate, Absolute Reality of all existence. From the Vedic perspective it is known as Goloka. Why else would Jesus have given us such empowering words? The Kingdom of Heaven is within you! You too, can be a true Guru!

Guru Parampara
MaharishiGuru Dev

Sri Vyuha will attract those earnest seekers that realize that human potential is far more than what we have been led to believe in these times, and until we "unlock" such latent intelligence, we are living in a state that is subpar. Only until we attain reunion with the Supreme is the purpose of human life complete.

Our intention is not to simply be just another flaky religious institution demanding blind-faith in some superficial concept of God. Instead, Sri Vyuha is not a religion at all. It is but an attempt to restore the sanatana dharma, or universal, eternal order of Truth that transcends all religions. We acknowledge all sects and religions to be paths to this same One Universal Truth. Any knowledge that is Pure Knowledge is all-inclusive and all-welcoming, non-denominational and all-accepting.

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In addition, what is provided by Sri Vyuha can be known as Vedic Science - not another empty and hollow "religion," but the science and technology of consciousness and spiritual advancement for human life. Each individual is guaranteed to experience first hand, as a tangible experience, what is meant by "walking with God." Having such an experience, it becomes very clear that all men of all religions are fundamentally praying to the same One and Only God.

Having found Sri Vyuha, you have an excellent opportunity to rapidly advance spiritually. If this appeals to you, I invite you to join me in this realm of the Grace of God. But first, as individual aspirants, we must do all that we can from our side to become fit to receive this Grace. With persistence, willpower, and devotion we can overcome all of our old negative tendencies and shed our old skins that stand in the way between us the Goal. Here is our opportunity to find the lasting happiness we are all seeking!

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Jai Guru Dev

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